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The highly specialized in Orthopaedic Surgery. Dr Smith treats all problems of the shoulder in every age category including everything from Sports related injury to Degenerative disorders. All arthroscopic and reconstructive procedures are available and are done on a very frequent basis. Dr Smith does over 500 Shoulder operations a year and has over 20 years of experience. Problems about the knee, elbow, and generalized upper extremity problems are also treated at Dr Smith’s office. We provide the most advanced current treatments for your problem and offer a full compendium of options from conservative to surgical.

Also available at our office is a full service highly experienced team including a Certified Physician Assistant, a Registered Nurse First Assistant , and a highly experienced Licensed Physical Therapist with on site treatment at your office visit.

We have a very new Hospital grade state of the art MRI on our site. The x-ray equipment that is used in our office is also the state of the art digital radiographic machine that provides the same level imaging that the finest hospitals use all across the country. Your medical record is electronic and as the technology becomes available, will one day integrate seamlessly with your entire record that you and your doctors will all be able to see.

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