Pain in the knee can be the result of a condition that has developed over time, from overuse like osteoarthritis, arthritis, and runner’s knee, or from the occurrence of a recent sports injury, such as a meniscus tear or dislocated kneecap.

In some circumstances, and if not identified early on, conditions like knee arthritis may create extreme bone and joint discomfort, making knee surgery, such as knee replacement, total knee arthroplasty, or knee arthroscopy, viable options for relieving your knee pain.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of knee pain, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible before your knee injury or condition worsens.

  • A popping or snapping noise in or around the knee
  • Feeling like your knee gave out while walking, running, jumping, or turning
  • Having severe joint pain, pain in the knee, pain in the kneecap, or pain behind the knee.
  • Inability to bend or move the knee
  • Limping or are unable to walk comfortably
  • Having swelling of the knee, joint, or calf area

At our office, we understand that pain in the knee can make everyday activities difficult.