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April 1, Wednesday  

 To all of our patients,

      Virtual visits have been pretty interesting  I saw a patient who was out on the range checking cattle.   I saw one guy who was in the middle of a canyon doing rig work.  Most people are in the home.  It works the best if you have a strong internet connection and you can set your phone or iPad in a way that your picture shows up right in the center and you can step back.

     The Texas Medical Board issued a mandate that all procedures that essentially not life saving be postponed.  This even means office procedures such as a shot. For now we will see you in the office if it is medically necessary but can not, at least for now do any procedure not medically necessary for life changing reasons that uses personal protective equipment such as a mask and gloves.  I will of course keep you up to date because this certainly affects many of you.  

     Testing is in Amarillo.  If you have two of the three symptoms:  Cough, Shortness of Breath, Fever--- 2 of the 3, then call the Health Dept 378-6300 and they will screen you.  If you pass their screening they will arrange a drive through test.  Because most of my patients read this I want to make it easy.  If you have symptoms, stay at home and do the self quarantine.  Remember, you still can pass it on even after you are over it.  For 10 or more days possibly.  

     Prescriptions will continue to be refilled per our current office policy. Patient appointments will be conducted through telemedicine. Its easy and simple.  Call the office to set it up. 

     At this time all surgery at Quail Creek and Panhandle Hospitals will be consolidated to Quail Creek and limited to medically necessary, urgent, and emergent cases.  A call team will need to be mobilized.  If you have an emergency we will be able to treat you.  If you need surgery we will be scheduling that as soon as feasible after the threat has subsided. This has remained constant.  

     The problem with this virus is that you can have it and not know it and still be contagious. Stay at home for 14 days.  The case numbers are on the rise. Early May looks like there could be some optimism for elective cases.  We know this could change and appreciate your patience. 

      I recommend this you tube by my physician colleague in Michigan.  He did a great job. 

                                                       Google Dr Jeffrey VanWingen grocery


     Wash your hands thoroughly or sanitize all the time.  The virus dies with soap and water. Wash like you are prepping for surgery.  If you are wondering if you are doing enough then you probably aren’t. Clean all surfaces in your house frequently.  If you have to touch your face wash your hands first.  When you come in clean your keys, wallet, and anything else that went outside.  Talk to your Doctor if you are sick.  Use the phone or do it VIRTUAL. Avoid all vectors of transmission.  For the well being of all the wonderful brave front line health care workers in our city, stay home. Watch the video link I posted above.

     Take care of each other.  Take care of yourself. 

      If you have questions just call us....

      Kindest regards, 

            Dr Smith

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